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Hot Steel Slab Width June 4, 2020 – Posted in: Width Measurement

Laser sensors are commonly used in steel hot mills because they need an accurate, non-contact method of determining the position or dimensions of materials that are too hot to touch. Many of Acuity’s customers are OEM integrators who service the specialized needs of the Steel and Aluminum Mill customers.

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Thickness of Plexiglass May 27, 2020 – Posted in: Thickness Measurement

The thickness measurement of a plexiglass sheet is a very common application for laser displacement sensors. These product are often extruded between two polished rollers to squeeze the material into the desired thickness. This thickness must be measured and verified for in-process quality control.

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Steel Strip Thickness Measurement – Posted in: Thickness Measurement

The metals fabrication business is one of the oldest industries in the world. Large mills are automated, but some smaller mills still rely on hand-held micrometers to gauge metal thickness. AR200 laser measurement sensors are ideal for measuring steel strip thickness to fine resolutions. Steel passes between two opposing non-contact laser sensors.

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