Width and Gap Measurement

Width Measurement

Laser Sensors Used for Width Measurement

Laser width measurement

Width measurement of an object is an important part of dimensional control. Often called thickness measurement, it is often used to monitor the dimensions of products of assembly lines such as strip/slab metal thickness. If two sensors are used for width measurement, when material passes in between two sensors, the devices measure the distance to the edges and calculate the material width.

When selecting a sensor for width measurement, it is important to consider the shape of the target, target speed, and type of measurement needed (range, speed). Acuity laser sensors offer non-contact options for nearly any width measurement application. Our 2D laser sensors are typically used in width measurements to control for target position and edge control. Our laser displacement sensors are typically used in quality control processes to ensure correct packaging and dimensional control measurement of different materials.

The advantages of using non-contact laser sensors are to allow for precise and accurate measurement without the drawbacks of contact measurement. This allows for precise width measurement of nearly all materials, even materials with very soft surfaces.