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Laser Sensors

Customized sensors and laser sensor expertise

Accurate, Non-Contact Laser Measurement

Acuity’s laser sensors and laser scanners are precision devices with US-based support. Our laser distance sensors and distance measurement sensors all operate based off non-contact measurement, and satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Real-world applications include thickness measurement, battery expansion measurement, vibration measurement and many more laser measurement challenges. Measurement methods include time-of-flight and laser triangulation sensors. Acuity has worked with small and large volume customers to provide customized products and small solutions. Reach out to us today to begin solving your measurement challenges with high-quality non-contact measurement devices.

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Short range sensors

Short Range Sensors

Acuity’s lineup of short range distance measurement sensors includes compact triangulation sensors. These compact devices are ideal for tasks that demand high speeds, high measurement accuracy, and long standoff ranges for measurement on numerous targets. Our device offering includes features to satisfy your most challenging machine integration, factory automation, and component inspection applications.

Long range sensors - Distance Measurement Sensors

Long Range Sensors

Acuity offers a variety of laser distance sensors for accurate, non-contact measuring. These distance measurement lasers utilize pulsed time-of-flight measurement principles to accurately measure distances up to 300 meters on natural surfaces (up to 3,000 meters with retro-reflective tape). These products are highly versatile, being able to measure distances both indoors and outdoors. Applications include, but are not limited to, load confirmation, alignment, lumber positioning, crane monitoring, fill level measurement, velocity measurement and altitude measurement.

Confocal sensors

Confocal Sensors

Confocal displacement sensors meet the requirements of the most demanding applications for dimension, thickness, or roughness measurement. These sensors can measure any type of sample (transparent, opaque, polished or rough) and any type of material (metal, glass, ceramic, semiconductor, plastic).

2D-3D Laser Scanners

2D/3D Laser Scanners

Acuity laser line sensors are frequently used in automation and quality control applications in order to measure and verify dimensions, detect flaws and defects, and/or identify target surface variations. Common application fields include steel and aluminum production, automotive, aerospace technology, electronics, robotics, and welding.

Laser Sensor Accessories

Laser Sensor Accessories

Accessories for accurate, non-contact laser measurement. Acuity continuously develops new accessories to provide optimized sensors and solutions for our customers.