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AR100 Super Compact Laser Triangulation Sensor

Short Range Sensors

Laser Distance Sensors for All Industries

Laser Displacement Sensors Measuring 3-1270 MM

Acuity’s lineup of laser distance sensors includes compact laser triangulation sensors. These compact short range distance measurement sensors are ideal for tasks that demand high speeds, high measurement accuracy, and long standoff ranges for measurement on numerous targets. Common uses for short range sensors include contactless dimensions, surface profile, deformation, vibration measurement, sorting, sensing presence or absence, positional checking, bulk materials and liquids level measurement.

Our device offerings include features to satisfy your most challenging machine integration, factory automation, and component inspection applications. Various features include:

  • Ranges from 3 mm (0.12 in) – 1270 mm (50 in)
  • Linearity down to ± 1 μm
  • Sampling rate up to 70 kHz
  • Sensors with blue lasers available for measurement of high temperature materials and elimination of crosstalk
  • Binary and ASCII data formats
  • Sensors with ability for mutual synchronization
  • Robustness to ambient light
  • Automatic gain control for target color changes
  • Compact designs for ease of installation

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