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Non-contact laser sensor experts

Laser sensor dual thickness measurement

How do they work and can they work for my measurement application?

Laser Triangulation Sensors

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Building Crane PositioningAR1000 Laser Distance SensorAR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor

Non-Contact Long Distance Laser Rangefinders Used for
Bridge, Offshore, and Hoist Crane Position Monitoring

Crane Positioning

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Metal sheet thickness measurementblankLaser sensor dual thickness measurement

Laser measurement sensors precisely measure
the thickness of different materials

Non-Contact Thickness Measurement

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AP820 2D laser sensor measures, tracks,
and detects weld seam gaps

Weld Gap Detection

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Laser Measurement Sensors | 2D-3D Laser Scanners

Our Products

Short range sensors

Laser displacement sensors with ranges from 3mm to 1270mm

Long range sensors - Distance Measurement Sensors

Long Distance Lasers that measure distances up to 3,000M

Confocal sensors

Sensors to precisely measure nearly any material or target

2D-3D Laser Scanners

Laser line sensors for 2D & 3D scanning and profiling

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Long Range Sensors

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Acuity’s laser measurement sensors and 2D-3D laser scanners are precision devices with US-based support. Our lasers and sensors all operate based off non-contact measurement, and satisfy diverse dimensional measuring applications for industrial automation and advanced research. Acuity has worked with small and large volume customers to provide customized sensors and small solutions. Reach out to us today to begin solving your measurement challenges.