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Acuity Laser is pleased to announce that the linearity for our AR200 Laser Measurement Sensor has been improved for 2023 for all available unit types. Previously the linearity was +/- 0.2% of range, and for 2023, has been improved to ± 0.1% of range.

We’re proud of the AR200 and the accuracy we’ve seen from the device over time. With this linearity improvement, the AR200 becomes a strong option for applications needing the highest precision. The AR200 is a proven option for many of our customers, and we’re excited that this improvement will take it to the next level of high precision applications.

What is linearity? Basically, linearity is the worst case accuracy throughout the measurement range. Often laser sensor manufacturers may interchangeably use the terms accuracy and linearity, although linearity is a term most often associated with analog measuring devices.

Likewise, linearity vs. resolution is a common mix up. While linearity is the worst case accuracy, resolution is the smallest change that the sensor can reliably detect. Given a cooperative target, your real-world accuracy will be between those two values but no worse than the linearity. If a small portion of the measurement range is used, the relative error will most likely be closer to the resolution. If the full scale range of the sensor model is used, the error will most likely be closer to the linearity of the sensor.

The AR200 is a laser diode-based distance measurement sensor for ranges from 6 to 100 mm, with 6.35 and 101.6 μm accuracy respectively. Each model has a different standoff (center of span) distance, full scale span, and center of span accuracy. These specifications are listed in the specs table on the AR200 product webpage.

Given all of that, one can see that reducing the AR200 linearity to ± 0.1% of range is quite an improvement. We look forward to hearing from our customers what they’re able to achieve in the field with this improvement.

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