Touch Panel Display 8-Inch

The 8-inch Touch Panel Display can control up to six Acuity laser sensors and display their distance readings. Using serial communications, this smart terminal includes software applications for calculating thickness and other dimensions without the need for a computer or software programming.

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The Acuity™ 8” Touch Panel Display is a stand-alone industrial PC interface for use with Acuity laser distance sensors. These fully enclosed units replace panel meters, alphanumeric displays, and analog controllers by providing a modern interface through a full-color LCD and touch screen. Depending on the application, the TPD is often used as a standalone integration device for many applications including thickness, width, height, and other dimensional measurement needs.

The Touch Panel Display communicates with up to (6) Acuity sensors using RS-232 serial interfaces. The touch panel can be easily configured using on-screen buttons to display, scale, and even graph the sensors’ distance outputs. Relative dimensions can be measured using a tare function. Limits can be programmed into the touch panel to give a visual warning to operators that the target is too close or too far or too thick or too thin.

With two Acuity sensors paired together, the touch panel can serve as a thickness gauge. Our newest 8” TPD has the ability to display up to three pairs of sensors to measure three points of thickness across the target material. This allows for one display to monitor the thickness trend of material in the middle and on both outside edges of your product, all at the same time. This can be used as a simple way to give operators the real-time information they need to control production lines.

Acuity’s new touch panel also allows for unique applications like plane analysis. Plane analysis allows the user to monitor the overall displacement and tilt. This is useful for applications such as battery height or elevator control applications. The TPD is able to handle two sets of three sensors, so one display can run two tests at once.


  • Support for up to six sensors shown on the screen at the same time
  • Dual-sensor thickness measurement mode (up to 3 different dual thickness measurement locations)
  • Three sensor plane measurement mode – allows the user to monitor the overall displacement and tilt
  • Visual alerts when measurements are approaching or exceeding desired limits
  • Measurement logging and output to a USB drive
  • Real-time stream of outputs via RS232 serial connection
  • Easy calibration of measurements to match known distances and standards
  • Accepts user-defined distance offsets and offers a TARE function through the touch screen interface
  • Bright and easy-to-read display can be mounted in industrial panels or in your work area
  • Secured Linux OS for security and reliability
  • Remote update for latest installation software using an Ethernet connection or a USB drive
  • Custom software programming available upon request

Want to see our 8-Inch Touch Panel Display in action? Watch this video showing how you can quickly solve measurement challenges such as thickness measurement, cut-to-length, plane analysis or dimensional measurements with the new 8-inch Touch Panel Display.

Options and Accessories

The display comes standard with touch panel hardware, Acuity software, and power supply. The following are potential additions:

Connection Accessories

Connectivity Kit

The Touch Panel Display is designed for use with Acuity™ brand sensors. We suggest connecting the sensor(s) to the Display via the Acuity Connectivity Kit. The Connectivity kit makes it simple to bring the RS232 serial interface between the Touch Panel Display and the sensor. The touch panel display is built with (6) RS-232 COM ports (DB-9 connector). To connect the sensor(s) readings to the TDP, simply connect the RS232 cable from the connectivity into the DB9 connectors.

Please refer to the connectivity kit guide for wiring instructions from the sensor to the connectivity kit.






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