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In this video we demonstrate using an AR700 Laser Displacement Sensor for counting sheet metal, as well as any other pre-determined stacked thickness material. By pairing our sensor with our touch panel display, we use non-contact thickness measurement as an in-line counting system, handy for any number of production or assembly line environments.

This system has been set up to measure and count units of a specified thickness, specifically of stacked sheets of sheet metal. The AR700 measures down to the target table and is controlled by a touch panel display that reads the values from the laser. It then displays the number of units of our pre-specified thickness. Both the display and the synchronized power lamp on the fixture turns colors as the count of units changes:

  • Yellow indicates under count
  • Green indicates at-count
  • Red indicates over count

The color of this display is mimicked by the power lamp attached to the fixture so that an operator can see whether you’re under over or at count when you’re not in reading distance of the display.

As you can see, this is a system to make it quick and easy for fulfilling orders of items that are difficult to count, perhaps due to the weight or size of the units, whereas the Acuity thickness measurement system can count them quickly and accurately.




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