AR1000 log length measurement

 How to Quickly Solve High-Accuracy Measurement Challenges

Laser sensor options are just a few taps away from plug-and-play

Laser measurement sensors can be a game changer for many applications, providing high-accuracy measurement. Laser sensors can give you fast, reliable measurements, but they require a device to take all your data and make it useful. Integrating into a PLC is a great way to do that, but this takes substantial resources and time. How can we make measurement challenges simpler?

In the video below we look at a system for quickly solving measurement challenges. Industry challenges such as thickness measurement, cut-to-length, plane analysis or dimensional measurements can be tackled by integrating our sensors with our new and vastly improved 8-inch Touch Panel Display.

We improved upon our previous display in nearly every aspect:

  • Larger screen
  • Faster version 2.0 software
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simultaneous support for up to 6 Acuity short or long range sensors

Connect an Acuity sensor, and you’re just a few taps away from plug and play. Our 8 Inch Display is versatile and powerful enough to be a standalone integration device in many applications.

Our previous display could pair 2 sensors to measure thickness. The new 8-Inch Touch Panel can display 3 pairs of sensors, allowing three points of thickness measurement across your material. Just one display can monitor the thickness trend in the middle and on both outside edges of your product, all at the same time. Limits can be easily set to give your operators a visual warning when the material is out of spec. It’s a simple way to give operators the real-time information they need to control production lines.

Acuity’s new touch panel also allows for a set of 3 sensors to be used together for a plane analysis mode. This allows the user to monitor the overall displacement and tilt of a rigid surface – for instance a battery case or the top of an elevator car. The display can handle 2 sets of 3 sensors, so you can run two of these tests at once with only one display.

And that’s not all. Our new 8-Inch Touch Panel Display can be used in many applications including:

  • Cut-to-length measurements in lumber and steel industries
  • Length measurements such as log length measurement
  • Crane positioning
  • Other general applications such as height measurement

We can even customize our laser sensor software to fit your application’s needs. To learn more about how our Touch Panel Display can work for your application, please contact us. We can help you achieve better results at the speed of light.


Touch Panel Display 8-Inch

The 8-inch Touch Panel Display can control up to six Acuity laser sensors and display their distance readings. Using serial communications, this smart terminal includes software applications for calculating thickness and other dimensions without the need for a computer or software programming.