Paper Roll Diameter Measuring

Diameter Measurement

Diameter MeasurementLaser measurement sensors used for diameter measurement

The diameter of an object can be measured in different ways. A single point sensor can measure the diameter of an object if the center of the object is known. Two single point sensors can be used to measure the diameter if the center is unknown. 2D laser scanners offer a non-contact solution to create a profile of the object to accurately measure the diameter.

Acuity laser sensors can be used to measure both the inner (ID) and outer diameter (OD) of objects. Precise ID laser measurements are seen in many industries, especially the pipe industry. OEM companies use our laser displacement sensors as a tool to measure the inner diameter at short and long ranges, and inside tight areas. Manufacturing plants also use our laser sensors to monitor the diameter of coils, such as paper rolls and metal coils for inventory management purposes.

Non-contact laser measurements are well suited for diameter measurement because they can be installed at a safe distance far away from the coils, and provide accurate and fast measurements, without the drawbacks off touching the material. The laser sensors can be used on almost any target surface including hot metals. Accessories such as air and water cooled jackets are available with replaceable protective lens for hot targets. Contact us today to assure that all your product dimensions are made to specifications.