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In the metal industry, rolled strips are wound into coils for transportation and later unwound to be processed. In both cases, it is important to know how much material is present in the coil. Laser rangefinders can be mounted perpendicular to the coil surface. If the distance from the sensor to the roll core is known, a single laser rangefinder can be used to monitor the change in distance from the roll core to the sensor, giving way for diameter calculation measurements.

Laser sensors are suited for this type of diameter measurement because they can be installed at a safe distance far away from the coils. The coil diameter can be accurately measured despite harsh environmental conditions and bright, reflective targets. 

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The Acuity AR1000 laser distance sensor can measure up to 30 meters on natural targets and up to 150 meters with a retroreflective target with an accuracy of ± 3 mm. This rugged sensor is built for tough, industrial environments and applications such as fill level measurement and material height monitoring.

AS2100 Accurate Distance Sensor

The AS2100 is a highly accurate laser distance sensor that is designed to work well outdoors, in bright lights, and even on difficult targets such as hot or dark surfaces. With the ability to take accurate measurements (± 1 mm) from distances up to 500 meters away, and a measurement frequency of up to 250 Hz, it is the perfect laser for a wide range of applications.

AR2700 High-Speed Long Range Sensor

Acuity Laser’s ultra-compact rangefinder model. This eye-safe rangefinder has a measurement frequency of up to 40 kHz and can measure distances to natural targets up to 70 meters away or to retroreflective targets 270 meters away. This laser is best for applications that demand high sampling rates.

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