AR3000 Distance Measurement Sensor with laser linesAR1000 Laser Distance Sensor with laser line

Long Range Sensors

Distance Measurement Sensors Up to 3000 Meters

Laser Rangefinders for Accurate, Non-Contact Distance Measuring

Acuity offers a variety of long range sensors for accurate, non-contact measuring. These distance measurement lasers utilize pulsed time-of-flight measurement principles to accurately measure distances up to 300 meters on natural surfaces (up to 3,000 meters with retro-reflective tape). These distance measurement sensors such as the AR3000 are highly versatile, being able to measure distances both indoors and outdoors. Applications include, but are not limited to, load confirmation, alignment, lumber positioning, crane monitoring, fill level measurement, velocity measurement and altitude measurement.

Our distance measurement sensors differentiate themselves based on ruggedness, compactness, distance range with retroreflective targets, as well as light tolerance. High-sampling rates, ability to work in industrial conditions and laser rangefinder sensors with eye-safe technology are other distinguishing features of our distance sensors. Whether your application calls for a rugged sensor, an ultra-compact sensor, or a light-tolerant sensor, Acuity’s distance measuring sensors are up for the task.

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