Detecting Circuit Board Defects

Profiling Measurement – Shape and Surface Inspection

2D 3D AP820 laser scanning a smartphoneLaser profile measurement

Laser profiling of an object or target can be done with all Acuity sensors. Typically, laser scanners are most commonly used for 2D & 3D shape profiles of targets. The AP820 is commonly used to profile the surface of targets to provide flatness measurements, measure for defects & errors, and to monitor quality control. Profile sensors perform very well on shiny or jagged targets and in environments with high ambient light. The profile sensor’s high profile rate, auto gain and high dynamic range allow for measurement in complex applications, even edge scanning on sharp targets.

Single point sensors are often used for road profiling and tire profiling. A special version of the AR700 laser displacement sensor was designed to meet the high demands of road profilers. Laser profiling measurement is a very broad category. View below our many different applications in which Acuity laser sensors have been used to measure and profile targets. This application list is not intended to be exhaustive, contact Acuity for your profile measurement application.