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Many manufactures have a requirement to accurately measure the angles of their products on line and adjust the process to reduce waste. These companies include manufactures of doors, windows, shutter, bricks foam and other building materials.

By using the Acuity AP820 laser line models we can accurately measure the angle of the target. The AP820 has many models and comes with the AcuityView software that can easily make this measurement for the customer. See the web link:

The AP820 uses a CCD camera with a very high dynamic range and measure on many difficult surfaces very well. The AP820 generates 580 separate points that are used to create a profile of the target. This profile can be used to measure the angle, height, gap, diameter, radius and many other features of the target at 100 profiles a second or 200 profiles a second with 290 points on the laser line. The AP820 does not require a separate controller and outputs an Ethernet signal with the X,Z pairs of data.

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AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner

The AP820 2D laser scanner series offer a large selection of case sizes, measuring ranges, and diode/accessory options to be used in a wide range of measurement applications. The 2D/3D sensor performs very well on shiny or jagged targets and in environments with high ambient light. The sensor’s auto gain and high dynamic range allow for measurement in complex applications, even edge scanning on sharp targets.

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