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Many manufacturing companies require an online method to measure their products as they are being made to a high tolerance. The manufacturing of pipe is an example of where a company can provide a superior product and automatically control the surface dimensions of their product to meet their specifications.

In one example, our customer used three AP820-400 laser line scanners to create a profile around the diameter of the pipe to accurately measure the diameter, ovality, concentricity and straightness of the pipe moving on line with a non-contact system.

The AP820-400 laser line can generate a laser line that has a laser line length of 8 to 11 inches long. This model has a depth of field in the Z direction of 15.7 inches. The laser generates 580 points along the laser line and each point has a resolution of 0.008″ with an accuracy of +/- 0.0095″ over the full range of the laser scan. Each laser generates 580 point at 100 profiles a second for over 10 million points a minute and can be used to create a 3D model of each pipe in the production cycle.

This measurement capability can provide real-time data to be used to assure that all the products are made to the manufacturer’s specifications. The laser sensors can be used on almost any target surface including hot metals. Air and water cooled jackets are available with replaceable protective lens for hot targets.

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The AP820 2D laser scanner series offer a large selection of case sizes, measuring ranges, and diode/accessory options to be used in a wide range of measurement applications. The 2D/3D sensor performs very well on shiny or jagged targets and in environments with high ambient light. The sensor’s auto gain and high dynamic range allow for measurement in complex applications, even edge scanning on sharp targets.

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