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Acuity Laser Announces New AS1100 Long Distance Sensor

With rugged durability, the ability to measure hot materials, and offering high-performance specs at a cost-effective price, Acuity Laser is proud to announce the new AS1100 Long Distance Sensor.

This rugged long distance laser sensor is built for versatile environments and is often used in applications that involve measurements on hot materials. Typical examples would include intensely hot and glowing materials, such as the filling and pouring of steel and iron. Other typical applications would include overhead crane position measurement, cut-to-length measurement, and diameter and width measurements.

High-Performance, Reliable Measurement

A spin-off of the Acuity AS2100, the AS1100 is built for applications still needing high performance but not quite at the high precision level of the AS2100. The AS1100 sensor can measure natural targets up to 100m (328 ft) away and Acuity reflective targets up to 150m (490 ft) away with an accuracy of ± 3mm (0.11 in) depending on target reflectance and environmental conditions. With measurements up to 100Hz, the AS1100 is typically sufficient for many applications, including successful measurements on materials up to ~2,300⁰F.

“We realized there was a need for a long distance sensor that could hit this range, but without the same precision accuracy that the AS2100 brings,” said Sarah Maywalt, long-time technical sales and support engineer for Acuity Laser. “For shop managers, directors and others looking to meet their measurement needs, this gives them a strong option that wasn’t there before.”

Wide Range of Applications

Due to the product’s high performing specs at a cost-effective price, the AS1100 is a perfect accurate distance laser sensor for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Examples include:

  • Overhead crane position measurement
  • Flood gate position measurements
  • Inline position and dimension measurements of hot materials
  • Cut-to-length applications
  • Silo level measurements & controlling the filling and pouring of steel and iron.
  • Diameter and width measurements of rolls (paper & steel), length/width positioning measurements for sorting applications, and more

Ready-Made Accessories Marketplace 

Further adding to its benefits, the AS1100 joins a marketplace of useful add-on accessories that are ready-made for usage in varied environments. Current accessory options include the Acuity Reflective Plate (for improving reflected signal strength), Reflective Foil (highly reflecting measuring target), the Bracket Alignment Unit (easily adjust the laser beam to match measuring targets), and the Air Cooling Jacket (designed to protect the sensor in higher temperature environments).

Exact details and product specifications on the AS1100 Long Distance Sensor can be found on the Acuity Laser website at the following link, along with downloadable PDF datasheets and user manuals:

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