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Laser Rangefinders Measure Cut Length for Steel Bars

Laser Sensors Measure the Position of the End Relative to the Distance to a Saw Blade

A large steel producer makes products in various shapes and sizes. Round bar stock is created by cutting a continuously-cast bar to specific lengths. Bar is fed down a roller conveyor and a laser distance sensor (AR1000) measures the position of the end relative to the distance to a saw blade. The length is displayed on a screen in a remote operator’s booth as the distance data is transmitted via 4-20mA current loop signal.

The AR1000 measures to the leading edge of the steel bar. The temperature of the bar may be as high as 1100°F and the accuracy is 2 mm.

Cut to length applications are a common distance measuring application for our long distance sensors. Our sensors are used to replace worn out encoders or to offer an accurate non-contact measurement solution. Our long distance sensors offer accurate long distance readings in order to be mounted in a safe location for a long lasting solution. Customers can send signals directly from the laser or our touch panel display to activate the saw to start the cutting process. 

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