AS2100 Air Cooling Jacket

Designed to protect the sensor in higher temperature environments. The housing is a hard anodized aluminum material and has the necessary connections to connect to an air mounting line. The air jacket can also be used for alignment purposes and supports both the standard and ethernet/IP AS2100 sensors.

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Stemming from popular demand, Acuity has released both an air-cooling jacket and bracket alignment unit for the AS2100 sensor. The release comes from increased customer demand of mounting accessories for the AS2100 Accurate Distance Sensor, especially in higher temperature environments.

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AS2100 Accurate Distance Sensor

The AS2100 is a highly accurate laser distance sensor that is designed to work well outdoors, in bright lights, and even on difficult targets such as hot or dark surfaces. With the ability to take accurate measurements (± 1 mm) from distances up to 500 meters away, and a measurement frequency of up to 250 Hz, it is the perfect laser for a wide range of applications.


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