ZENITH Confocal Measurement System Controller

The Zenith controller is a next generation solution for non-contact, confocal measurements. Paired with a confocal pen, the Zenith controller can take measurements of unrivaled accuracy on surfaces where lasers struggle. Depending on the confocal pen chosen, the Zenith controller can take measurements with errors as low as +/- 35 nanometers. A new Dual Channel version can support two pens for simultaneous, synchronized measurement perfect for thickness applications.

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Principles of Operation:

The Zenith controller transmits white light through a fiber optic cable that is focused on the target with a multi-lens optical pen. As the light is focused, the chromatic aberration of the optical pen’s system of lenses spreads the individual wavelengths of the light out and creates a spectrum of focal points over the measurement range. This light is reflected off the target, collected by the optical pen, and sent back through the fiber optic cable to a spectrometer. The spectral signature of the reflected light is then analyzed to determine the target’s distance.


  • Available in single pen and synchronized dual pen versions
  • 15-bit measurement resolution
  • Can synchronize with encoders and other controllers
  • Supports up to 5 encoder inputs
  • GigE Ethernet an RS422 connections
  • Configuration can be managed with software or an embedded web server

Confocal Displacement Sensor Case Studies

Acuity White Light Confocal Medical Scans

An Acuity medical customer is using the Initial 4.0 model to create a 3D scan of medical samples to measure the change in the surface features. This technology is able to measure on any target surface including clear and mirror surfaces.

Bow and Warp Measurement of Silicon Wafers Using Confocal Sensors

In the production of silicon wafers, manufacturers are particularly concerned with bow, warp and overall flatness of the substrates. Wafer manufacturers use confocal sensors in their custom inspection systems to precisely measure the 2D flatness profile of each wafer.

Brake Line Tip Inspection

Engineers frequently use a precision scanning confocal displacement sensor to inspect the surface of a steel brake line tip for scratches and defects.

Clear Film Thickness Measurement

One of Acuity’s existing customers wanted to be able to measure the thickness of a clear and semi-transparent film online. By using the white light confocal chromatic CL4 MG35 probe on a CCS Prima controller, the customer was able to hold +/- 0.6 microns of thickness accuracy.

Clear Polymer Thickness Measurement

A manufacturer of a clear polymer used to make food wrapping material is using white light confocal probing to measure the thickness of the material as it’s being made.




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Options and Accessories

Pen Options

Measurement Pens options include: Modular, endoscopic, interferometric. 90-degree sensor pens also available. Contact Acuity to learn about the pen options available for you.