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When drilling down for oil and gas, the drill tower and drill are attached to a piece of pipe. As the drill pipe is being drilled lower and lower into the ground, laser rangefinders are used to monitor the distance to the platform.

One customer has used the internal module of AR2500 laser sensors to notify workers to attach the next pipe to continue to drill deeper into the ground.  The sensor is mounted in a collar at the top and continually measures the distance to the platform until the process is complete.  Laser sensors measure the real time length of each pipe as it is drilled into the ground. The length measurement of the pipe is used to measure the total depth the pipes are into the ground.

Similar rangefinder pipe length applications have been used for operators in drill rigs and pile drivers. The rangefinder is installed at the deck and pointed up to the rotary head drilling down. The laser is zeroed out at a “home position” and the Acuity touch panel display gives the operator the current length of the pipe as it’s fed into the ground.

This solution reduces the operator’s reliance on best guess judgement of the current depth into the ground. Our laser rangefinders are NEMA-4, IP65 or IP67 enclosures built for tough industrial environments for indoor/outdoor environments.


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