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Acuity Long Range and High Accuracy Triangulation Laser Sensors

An existing Acuity customer has asked for a longer range, high accuracy laser triangulation single spot

laser sensor to measure deflection.

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Wooden Door On-Line Thickness Measurement

One of Acuity's customers manufactures wooden door at a rate of over 4,000 doors a day. The quality, fit and finish of the door must be as perfect as possible.

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Pavement measurements with Laser Sensors

Profilometers provide high-quality measurements of pavement deformations at highway speeds. The equipment measures the longitudinal and transverse road profiles, International Roughness Index (IRI), wheel path rut depth, Ride Number (RN) and macro texture of asphalt and concrete surfaces.

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Rubber Thickness Sensors

Most natural rubber products are made with a calendering process where soft rubber material is fed between two hard, cylindrical rollers to create a sheet.  This sheet is then further pressed between hard rollers to create smoother and thinner rubber sheets.  The sheets can then be used for various products, including conveyor belts, tires or mats.

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