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In this application video demonstrating sub-micron thickness measurement, we have two of our Acuity Laser AR700-0125 laser sensors on a very crude sort of mounting structure. But this is our most accurate laser triangulation sensor, so we’ll be showing how quickly we can bring accurate laser measurement results.

As shown in the accompanying video, we have our laser distance sensor clamped with a small 10 millimeter gauge block right in the middle, and the whole setup is connected to our touch panel display.

In the video we show that on the right laser, we find a measurement of 2.598 millimeters, and on the left 1.290 millimeters. Roughly, as these lasers are currently setup, they have a little over a 3mm measuring span. We have the two lasers pointed at each other, and we can see how the resolution of this laser displacement sensor performs in the sub-micron resolution.

On the touch panel, we quickly zero out both sensors, so that when we move the target back and forth, we get the mirror image of the other one. In our system settings, we can add in an offset and change the mode to thickness. As we zero out both lasers one more time, now you’re seeing that we force it to that 10mm gauge block, and with our touch panel displaying between 9.9993mm to 9.9997mm, we are getting sub-micron thickness measurement for that 10mm block.

So with this application example, by using two of these laser sensors for non-contact thickness measurement, we can easily position them on a known target, zero it out, and we can easily measure that differential change in that target.


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