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In this example video we show off the abilities of our AR700 laser sensor for non-contact rubber measurement. We have a simple set up of a small granite block with an aluminum fixture to which we have our laser sensor clamped. Most of the time this is not an ideal fixturing setup, but we’re going to be examining an uncured black shiny rubber surface and we want to show that it doesn’t take an elaborate setup to quickly get results.

This type of shiny rubber surface is very difficult for a laser sensor to measure, but our AR700 laser displacement sensor shouldn’t have any problem on it. We have the laser connected to our Acuity View software, and our AR700-0125 has an accuracy of plus-or-minus 40 millionths with a resolution of about 6 millionths of an inch.

We begin by zeroing the laser out and as you can see in the video, our results toggle back and forth between 2 millionths of an inch. We haven’t done any calibration, we basically set the laser straight up, clamped it on, and tried to eyeball it as straight as possible to a white ceramic gauge block.

The block has a 1 millimeter thickness, and 1 millimeters is .0393701 of an inch. So you can see we’re only off about 40 millionths or so without doing any elaborate calibration. So this is giving us a real quick indication how easily this should be for any type of non-contact thickness measurement scenario. We have the laser set at 5 measurements per second with the background light illumination on, and as we take the block out we come back pretty close to the zero.

Next in the video we have our rubber surface, it’s a little difficult to see due to its black surface. The rubber is pretty sticky so we push it down to get some of the air out and as our video shows, we measure at about 45 thousandths, and the numbers increase as the rubber target expands back into shape. A displacement sensor laser such as the Acuity AR700 doesn’t have any difficulty performing non-contact rubber measurement on this uncured rubber surface, and would be incredibly accurate in any inline thickness measurement setup.


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