AR2000 Laser Distance Meter

The AR2000 is a highly accurate laser measurement sensor that is designed to work well outdoors, in bright lights, and on hot targets. With the ability to take accurate measurements (± 1 mm) from distances up to 500 meters away, and a measurement frequency of up to 100 Hz, it is the perfect laser for a wide range of applications.

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*This product is being phased out and Acuity will no longer be receiving new orders. This product is up for document support reasons.


Superior Accuracy at Long Range

The AR2000 Laser Distance Meter can measure natural targets up to 100m (328 ft) away and retroreflective targets up to 500m (1640 ft) away with an accuracy of ± 1mm (0.04 in) depending on target reflectance and environmental conditions. The AR2000 can measure glowing hot targets up to 1500°C (2700°F), and it can operate in applications with bright ambient light. The maximum measurement frequency of the AR2000 is 100Hz in optimal conditions.

Laser Diode

The AR2000 has a Class 2, red, visible laser diode for simple aiming and setup. The spot size is 4mm as the light leaves the laser and 3mm at the focus of the beam at 5m with a divergence of less than 0.2mrad. Larger targets may be necessary at long distances.

Integrated Display

The AR2000 comes standard with a 3.5cm diagonal, monochrome, OLED screen with 4 membrane keys on its body that can be used to easily change common laser parameters and display measurement data in real time. (Please note that some parameters do require connecting to the laser from a serial port to change.)

Outputs and Inputs

All models of the AR2000 can communicate using RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial protocols by adjusting a single parameter. The AR2000 also comes with a standard, 4-20 mA, analog, current loop output. The analog output can be programmed to have a custom measurement span, and the minimum and maximum currents can be set to any points in the laser’s range.

The AR2000 has a single limit output for indicating alarms. This can be useful for triggering an external device when a target reaches a set position. The AR2000 also has a line in to receive an external trigger to take single distance measurements.

AR2000 Case Studies

Laser Molten Metal Level Control

One of our customers is using the AR2000 laser rangefinder to measure and control the level of molten metal in a furnace.

Why Laser Sensors are Recommended for Steel Manufacturing

The steel working industry is vast with many different functions. Steel manufacturing began as a means to produce small and more expensive items like knives, swords and armor. Today, steel is a much larger industry and can be made cheaper and in higher quantities.

Laser Distance Meters for Hot Surfaces and Bright Lights

For distance measurements on hot surfaces or in bright lighting conditions, the Acuity AR2000 series is superior to previous Time-of-Flight lasers. Acuity’s laser measurement sensors are optimized to be easily integrated into industrial automation systems and measurement systems which allows them to be used in many outdoor and difficult applications. A few of the benefits of the AR2000 serious include: High accuracy of 1mm and measurement frequency up to 100 Hz Broad range of measurement…

Long Range, High Speed and Precision Accuracy in the Lumber Industry

Our customer from the lumber industry is using the AR2000 laser sensor to measure the length of cut lumber as it moves down the mill. With a measurement range of over 300 feet on natural targets and an accuracy of 0.040″ at 20 Hz, the AR2000 is a good fit for this customer. The sensor is able to easily measure the length, width and thickness of almost all their wood products using the high speed…



See PDF datasheet for full specs

Range: Working distance between measurement endpoints over which the sensor will reliably measure displacement.

Accuracy: The sum of all measurement errors when compared to a known standard.

Resolution: Smallest increment of change in distance that a sensor can detect.

Sample Rate: Speed that data samples are obtained from the sensor.

Options and Accessories

Connection Options

Acuity offers the following standard outputs for the AR2000 laser rangefinder devices:

Standard RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Serial Output

RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 outputs are standard on the AR2000. Cables purchased with the laser come with flying leads that can be wired directly to whatever connector your computer or PLC uses. The data from the AR2000 is output as ASCII and may be set to decimal or hexadecimal numbers. The maximum transfer rate is 256000 baud.

Standard Current Loop Output

4-20 mA, analog, current output is included on all AR2000 sensors. The maximum and minimum current outputs can be set to any point on the sensor’s range, even inverting direction if necessary. We suggest that a 400 to 500 Ω resistor be connected to the current loop wires at the measurement point for best accuracy.

Environmental Endurance Options

Internal Heater

The AR2000 can be ordered with an internal heater. This heater allows the sensor to be operated in temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F). This allows the AR2000 to be installed in cold environments without a custom-built enclosure. Users can configure the temperature settings to suit their application.

Display Accessories

Touch Panel Display
Touch Panel Display with data display

The Acuity Touch Panel Display is a stand-alone terminal interface for use with Acuity laser distance sensors. These fully enclosed units replace panel meters, alphanumeric displays, and analog controllers by providing a modern interface through a full-color LCD and touch screen. The Touch Panel Display communicates with one or two Acuity sensors using RS-232 serial interfaces. The touch panel can be easily configured using on-screen buttons to display, scale, and even graph the sensors’ distance outputs. Relative dimensions can be measured using a tare function. With two Acuity sensors, the touch panel can serve as a thickness gauge. Limits can be programmed into the touch panel to give a visual warning to operators that the target is too close or too far or too thick or too thin. With a USB flash drive, measurements can be logged and saved for further analysis.

Connection Accessories

Connectivity Kit
Connectivity Kit

As an option, Acuity sells a connectivity kit to aid in connecting your laser to a power supply and serial port. This product includes a 120V, 15 VDC, AC power supply; a serial cable with DB9 connector; and a solid-state, NEMA-4X interface box. The interface box includes two sets of terminal blocks for simple input (from sensor) and output (to your selected device), a DB9 male serial connector out, and a barrel style power connector in. You can either pass through the wiring to another unterminated cable, connect a DB9 serial cable directly to the interface box, or both at the same time.

Also available: A 240 V version with a European-style plug; connectivity kit with serial to USB cable.

Cables sold separately from unit. Please see ordering sheet, under download tab, for more details on cable lengths.





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