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AR2000 Laser for Long Range, High Speed and High Accuracy

One of Acuity's wood customers is using the AR2000 laser sensor laser sensor to measure the length of cut lumber as it moves down the mill.

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Bridge Crane Positioning

A large hydro electric dam is using the Acuity AR2000 laser sensors to position a large bridge crane in real time.

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AR2000 Laser Molten Metal Level Control

One of our customers is using the newly released AR2000 laser rangefinders to measure and control the level of molten metal in a furnace. The AR2000 can measure from 4" out to over 300 feet on natural targets and up to 1,600 feet on reflective targets.

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Why The AR 2000 Is Recommended For Steel Work

The steel working industry is vast with many different functions. Steel manufacturing began as a means to produce small and more expensive items like knives, swords and armor. Today, steel is a much larger industry and can be made cheaper and in higher quantities.

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