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Acuity would like to announce the release of 2 new models of Laser Micrometers. The AR651 is the standard model that uses a laser transmitter with a CCD detector that uses the “shadow” principle to provide diameter, gap, heights, profiles and run out measurements. This model has measurement spans up to 98 mm in range with speeds up to 2,000 Hz. The sensors are made for machine builders that prefer not to have a required separate controller but can be programmed with our free setup software to output in RS232, RS485 or Ethernet output formats. These models also have optional analog outputs for controlling on-line processes.

We are also releasing the AR656 high resolution and high-speed models for the more demanding applications. The AR656 models come is measurement ranges of 5, 10 and 25 mm. This model can provide up to 10,000 measurements per second with accuracies down to +/- 0.3 microns. Optional LED light sources are available or use the standard Class 1 laser light source. Outputs also include options for RS232, RS485 or Ethernet outputs. Also available are analog outputs for these models.

Laser micrometers are excellent in making diameter measurements of many targets. The laser micrometers are also a very good tool for run out measurements of spinning shafts, Height measurements and Gap measurements of targets.

The 2 new models are IP67 rated and Acuity will provide an optional industrial color panel PC with a built-in touch screen if needed. The panel PC will include 2 Megs of RAM and a 16 Gig flash drive with 2 serial ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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