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Laser Sensors For The Aerospace And Defense Industries

Laser rangefinders can be used as laser altimeters for UAV's

Aerospace and Defense applications often push the limits of technology and almost always demand very high tolerances in accuracy and resolution. Engineers may choose Acuity sensors for lab or production line test and measurement or to be used on advanced vehicles or UAV's in the warfare theatre. While Acuity sensors are not specified for military standards, the products are frequently used in controlled environments, research or prototypes. Other short-range sensors are selected to measure the deflection (under loading) of portable bridges for the Army and marine containers for the Navy

An example of an aerospace application using a short-range sensor would be the use of a confocal displacement sensor to measure the runout on a jet engine turbine. Long-distance rangefinders may be used as a laser altimeter for unmanned-autonomous vehicles. 

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