AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner

The AP820 2D laser scanner series offer a large selection of case sizes, measuring ranges, and diode/accessory options to be used in a wide range of measurement applications. The 2D/3D sensor performs very well on shiny or jagged targets and in environments with high ambient light. The sensor’s auto gain and high dynamic range allow for measurement in complex applications, even edge scanning on sharp targets.

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High accuracy sensors and Laser Line Triangulation Principle

AccuProfile™ 820 Laser Scanners use high accuracy sensors to determine displacements and surface heights by emitting a triangulation measurement beam of visible laser light that creates a line on a target surface. Reflected light from the surface is viewed at an angle by a two-dimensional detector inside the sensor. The two-dimensional contour profile is calculated by the scanner’s microprocessor from the pixel data from the diffusely – reflected laser line. The contour profile is transmitted through Ethernet communications to a computer. Real-time 3D profiling is created by synchronizing the position of the scanner with encoder inputs from conveyors, linear stages or robotic movements. A variety of models are specified, each to allow a different measurement range and field of view.

Compact Design for Measurement of Complex Surfaces

The Acuity AP820 laser scanners perfectly meet all requirements for a large range of measuring applications, allowing flexible integration even into difficult environments.  A particular benefit of the AP820 2D-3D laser profiler is their high stability against interaction with extraneous light. The scanner’s sophisticated CCD detector affords the highest dynamic optical range, allowing these devices to measure almost any kind of opaque surface, shiny or matte, bright or dark. Additionally, the sensor performs well on sharp edges and transitions, where other sensor may produce noisy results. All of this is achieved through relatively low laser powers and permissible laser classes.

Versatile Product Features for Many Applications

The AP820 series fulfill a large number of measurement applications for non-contact measuring and checking of surface profile, dimensions, deformations, flatness, gaps, volume, height, and thickness. Product features below:

  • High accuracy sensorsLarge selection of case sizes and measuring ranges
  • X-Measuring Range (Width) from 4.5 to 650 mm
  • Z-Measuring range (Height) from 5.9 to 1000 mm
  • Laser wavelength blue 405/450 nm, red 658 nm
  • High robustness against extraneous light
  • Robust against vibration and shocks
  • Air / water cooling is optionally available for high-temperature applications (glowing materials)

AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner Case Studies

3D Laser Scan of Key

Demonstrating the capabilities of the new AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner at the Quality Expo in Chicago, operators scanned an individual car key to produce an elevation map.

Acuity AP820 Laser Lines Calculate Volume

Recently a customer has asked Acuity for help in being able to measure the volume of different packages sizes coming down a conveyor line.

AP820 Laser Line Parallel and Flatness Measurement

A large US manufacturer has an application where they need to align 2 painted metal surfaces to be parallel to one another very accurately and quickly. By using the AP820-240 model which has a laser line length of 120 mm the laser line is place across the 2 metal surfaces.

Automotive Battery Online Profiles

A large US manufacturer of automotive batteries is using the Acuity AP820-240 laser line sensor to create a profile across the top of a battery manufacturing line.

Fast and Accurate Angle Measurements

Many manufactures have a requirement to accurately measure the angles of their products on line and adjust the process to reduce waste.

Measuring Rail Gauge Using Laser Scanners

In order to keep commerce moving, railroad companies as well as shippers, rely on inspections and preventative maintenance to keep trains moving safely. Train rails are regularly inspected for defects and one of the criteria for train rail inspections is rail gauge. In the United States, the standard rail gauge is 56.5 inches and it is important that rails do not get closer than 56 inches or further than 58 inches.

Plastic Sheet Thickness

An Acuity customer is using a dual opposed AP820 laser line configuration to be able to measure the thickness of a dark plastic sheet material. The uneven surface profile is used to calculate the overall thickness and make sure the material maintains a minimum thickness requirement.

Profiling Translucent Glue Beads

Laser scanners are used to verify weld joints for ample filler metal and gaps. Similarly, engineers choose laser scanners to follow pneumatic sealant or glue dispensers to verify bead presence and dimensions.

Steel Plate Width and Edge Control

One of Acuity’s customers is a large sheet metal fabricator and is using the AP820-1000 blue laser line sensor to control the position of the steel plate in the slitter line.

Width and Gap Measurement

A customer has an application where they needed to be able to measure the width of a woven material very accurately as it is being made. The customer decided to use the Acuity AP820-80 laser line sensor that projects a laser line of 580 points across a laser line of a 2.5″ length.


Options and Accessories



The AP820 scanner is standard with ethernet interface and a compact IP64 aluminum case. We offer options to permit scanner installation in harsher environments. Contact us if you have any questions.

External Cooling Module
External Cooling ModuleThis external cooling module allows either air or water cooling connection. The module mates directly to the side of the scanner housing and extends the temperature use up to 400°C (752°F). 


The AP820 is standard with 2m power/control and Ethernet cables. Other cables are offered in 4, 8, 10, 15 and 20m lengths. We offer standard PVC jacket or metal-mesh protective exteriors.

Laser Diode Options

Acuity offers different laser diode options to meet measurements on your target material. Options include red, blue, or purple.

Window Protection

Window ProtectionProtective shield for scanner glass windows. This scanner option mounts to the front contours of the laser scanner to shield it from debris. The shield has windows aligned with the two scanner windows. This frame is designed for application in harsh environments in which the optical glasses need to be protected against debris.





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