ACUITY’S LINE OF LASER SENSORS November 18, 2013 – Posted in: Updates

Schmitt Industries, Inc. has been providing process measurement and control systems for many years. In 1992, Acuity Laser was founded to develop a more specific product line of lasers for the industrial and OEM use. With hundreds of applications for our line of lasers, Acuity is proud to be a United States laser sensor company.

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2D LASER SCANNERS FOR NON-CONTACT SCANNING November 8, 2013 – Posted in: Updates

Our line of 2D Laser Line Scanners are ideal for industrial parts scanning. We work with companies across the globe to provide the latest in laser technology. When it comes to the use of our 2D scanners, the AccuProfile™ 820 Laser Scanner is a high-accuracy sensor that combines the technology of machine vision and displacement measurement.

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Measuring Rail Gauge Using Laser Scanners July 11, 2013 – Posted in: AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner

In order to keep commerce moving, railroad companies as well as shippers, rely on inspections and preventative maintenance to keep trains moving safely. Train rails are regularly inspected for defects and one of the criteria for train rail inspections is rail gauge. In the United States, the standard rail gauge is 56.5 inches and it is important that rails do not get closer than 56 inches or further than 58 inches.

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