LASER PROFILE SCANNING OF VALVE BASE May 19, 2011 – Posted in: Updates

In this application, engineers tested the Acuity AP620-7 laser line sensor to make dimensional profiles of a small polymer part used in an industrial applications. Currently, the company uses calipers and comparators to measure this part. The area to be measured is a diameter at the circumferential “shoulder” formed by the floor of the part and an interior wall. Proper detection of the joint between the 30° wall and the horizontal surface was very important. Additionally, it was critical to align the laser line with the diameter of the circular part and not a chord. Any misalignment would result in a shorter diameter measurement. Engineers suggested scanning the part as it passed beneath the scan line and then capturing several cross-sectional frames. Software algorithms could be used to determine the maximum dimension of all collected and this number would be the diameter.

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