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Acuity is pleased to announce our support for large area target scans at high speeds and high resolution. The older laser line scan sensors do not have enough pixels in the X and Z axis to allow for a laser line over 1 meter in length that also provides high resolution in the X and Z axis. The new AQ6-C models from Acuity provide over 12 times the number of pixels compared to competitive products. The AQ6-C models have the depth of Z fields over 800 mm and X laser line widths over 1 meter using the GenICam protocols in the CMOS camera. The sensors have the new GigE Ethernet output to allow for high-speed outputs.

The larger laser lines provide for high accuracy in pipe diameter, large flat plate, 3D scanning of building materials with fewer laser sensors needed and at a reduced price when compared with the 4 times the number of our competitor’s products.

Acuity has several customers scanning targets with widths as large as 10 feet across and detecting defects as small as 0.010″ at conveyor line speeds. Acuity also can offer software support if needed from our many experienced integrators.


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