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Flux Depth Measurement in Brazing Rods

Flux is a chemical cleaning agent that permits the flow of a brazing or soldering metal on a base surface at high temperatures.

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Displacement Diesel Engine

Large diesel-powered generators combine inductors with a diesel engines to produce thousands of kilowatts of power.  These enormous pieces of capital equipment see extensive preventative maintenance and testing so they reliably and efficiently operate in the field. The US' leading electric motor and generator servicing company uses four laser measurement sensors to measure the amplitude of vibration of large diesel generators.  Their test setup has the sensors measuring the displacement of the diesel engine (generator) support rails while the system is idling and during heavy loading.

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Measuring speaker cone deflection using triangulation sensors

A major car audio speaker manufacturer contacted Acuity to help solve a challenging measurement application.  The company's Research and Development Department chose the AR200 laser measurement sensor to measure the positional changes of a subwoofer cone.

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