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One of Acuity’s customers, Ames Engineering, has developed a 2D and 3D laser texture scanner using the Acuity AR200 laser measurement sensor inside their GPS-enabled portable Texture Scanner.

With the simple push of a button the unit automatically begins the scanning process, providing the operator with immediate and accurate texture measurements. Once a scan has been completed, the scanner immediately calculates and displays the following indices on the sunlight readable LCD display:

  • Mean Profile Depth (MPD)
  • Texture Profile Index (TPI)
  • Estimated Texture Depth (ETD)
  • Band pass selectable
  • Elevation variance
  • Slope variance

The data is stored in a simple CSV data file and can be easily downloaded to a PC through an Ethernet interface. Using the Ames Web Page interface software, the user can specify scan densities and select from a list of texture index calculations. The laser texture scanner is lightweight, portable and is powered using high cycle rechargeable batteries that can provide up to one hundred scans per charge.

See their web page at for more information.

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