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It’s a complicated process to create vision-guided robotics, imaging systems, and dimensioning systems. A lot can go wrong. For a company like Artemis Vision, a machine-vision solution provider out of Denver, Colorado, it’s vital to make every design decision count. All the parts in their machine systems must work together to ensure stability and repeatability. So, we’re proud to say that, when it came time to develop their latest dimensioning solution, they chose AR200 lasers¬†from Acuity.

There’s no room for error when it comes to machine-vision technologies. Machine-vision is the eyes of a mechanized system. When the eyes don’t work properly, it can lead to catastrophic issues: products can be cut to the wrong dimensions, volumes can be measured wrong, data can be miscalculated, and entire systems can shut down.

The Dimensioning System developed by Artemis Vision features a pair of two lasers that calculate thickness to high precision on foam boards used in the manufacturing of wind turbine blades. They chose AR200 lasers because they are compact, durable, and deliver reliable measurements between six and fifty millimeters. With this automated vision system, their customers are able to step away from manual measurement processes that are inconsistent, expensive, and time-consuming, and implement a solution that ensures that products always meet their designed specifications.

The reliability of the high-performance AR200 measurement sensor makes it possible for this complex Dimensioning System to not only measure foam boards but a wide range of other materials. It can measure everything from drywall to plywood, insulations, and even rugs or carpet to exact specifications.

This Dimensioning System is reliable, repeatable and easily integrated into current operations. And it can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of their customers. This translates to time and money saved, and products that are measured correctly every time. All this is made possible by a laser-based vision system that utilizes durable, dependable, and accurate AR200 lasers from Acuity.

If you would like to learn more about the AR200 group of laser measurement sensors from Acuity, or chose the right laser for your design needs, reach out to us. We look forward to working with you.

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