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The Block Qualifier is a height measurement device, used in the concrete brick and block industry. The Block Qualifier, uses non-contact laser measuring sensor technology to gauge the size of concrete bricks.

The concrete wall or paver blocks are manufactured in a similar way.  Large steel molds are filled with a moist concrete mix, similar to wet sand.  The material is heavily compressed while the entire mold is heavily vibrated.  The green blocks are slid onto a steel palette which moves along a conveyor system. The Block Qualifier system is an archway that places several laser displacement sensors above the moving palette.  As the bricks travel under the archway, the sensors profile the height of the empty palette surface and the centerline of the blocks.  Measurement statistics are captured for each palette and alarms are set for acceptable MINIMUM / MAXIMUM dimensions. The manufacturing environment is particularly rough for precision sensors due to the heavy vibrations from the casting machine.  The Block Qualifier design insulates the sensors from measurement noise created by the floor vibrations.

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