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Laser Rangefinders Monitor High Speed Train Pantographs

Laser Distance Sensors Inspect and Monitor High Speed Electric Trains

The pantograph is the part of the high speed electric trains that comes into contact with overhead power lines. The contact surfaces need to be inspected while the train is in service and pass through an inspection point at high speeds.

Manual inspections are an option to inspect pantographs, but this is limited in many ways. First, it usually requires that the train is at a station and not in operation at the time and second, visual inspections always leave some room for error.

In order to prevent any problems with pantographs and to enhance the operation of the train system, AR2500 laser rangefinders are used to detect the presence of a passing train to trigger a high speed camera which captures the images of the brush surface of the pantograph. When a defect is detected, the train company is notified automatically and the operator of the train can then take action to fix the problem in a timely manner. Contact Acuity today to learn more about our laser sensors.

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