Agriculture and Farming

Laser Sensors For The Agriculture And Farming Industry

Worldwide farming is constantly progressing towards increased agricultural automation. Field operations and processing benefit from the integration of sensors to measure all aspects of the farming process. The machines used to pick vegetation from the fields can be guided using laser rangefinders to detect the height of the vegetation relative to the ground. Here, the picking aparatus is constantly adjusting its height based on instantaneous crop height. This maximizes yield and minimizes waste.

Laser rangefinders are frequently used to measure bulk material heights in storage silos.

Once crops are picked, they are processed at plants to prepare them for market. Sorting is an important process that allows growers to deliver only those products that meet customer specifications. Many fruits and vegetables are dynamically measured on a processing conveyor for length or diameter. Delivering that optimally-sized potato means greater profits for growers when selling to french fry manufacturers!

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