Wooden Door On-Line Thickness Measurement

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One of Acuity's customers manufactures wooden door at a rate of over 4,000 doors a day. The quality, fit and finish of the door must be as perfect as possible. One of the issues doors can have is that they are too thick or too thin for a good fit in the door jamb. This customer is using 3 sets of Acuity AR700-4 laser sensors in a dual opposed mode to make the thickness measurements to hold several thousand's of an inch as the doors move down the conveyor line. The line speed is about 3 feet a second and the AR700 models can easily measure over 500 samples per second to provide a complete profile of the door as it is processed.

For more information on performing a dual opposed thickness measure with any of the Acuity laser sensors please call 702-616-6070.


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