Why The AR 2000 Is Recommended For Steel Work

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The steel working industry is vast with many different functions. Steel manufacturing began as a means to produce small and more expensive items like knives, swords and armor. Today, steel is a much larger industry and can be made cheaper and in higher quantities. Steel, as well as iron is used in the construction of roads, railways, appliances and in the structure of buildings. Due to the high demand for steelmaking, advanced technology is needed. At Acuity Laser, we highly recommend the use of the AR2000 series.

The AR2000 is best for distance measurements that are on hot surfaces or in bright lights. When steel products are being made, they must be heated to high temperatures in order to soften the alloy metals. In addition, a lot of steel work is done in bright lights, whether sunlight or in construction sites. For these reasons, as well as the high accuracy of the AR2000, many steel manufacturers will find that this line of lasers is the best choice. For more information, contact Acuity Laser today.

Laser Technology For Steel Work

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