AR2000 Laser Molten Metal Level Control

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One of our customers is using the newly released AR2000 laser rangefinders to measure and control the level of molten metal in a furnace. The AR2000 can measure from 4" out to over 300 feet on natural targets and up to 1,600 feet on reflective targets. The AR2000 performs better on hot targets due to the new phase mixing technology. The AR2000 has a linearity of +/- 1 mm over the full range at 20 Hz and can measure at speeds up to 100 Hz on cooperative targets. The sensor comes standard with RS232/RS422/RS485 digital outputs and also a 4-20 mAmp current output. The sensor uses a visible red Class 2 laser and provides a much lower safety requirement than many of our competitors.

The AR2000 is our newest laser rangefinder that provides small size, fast response, high accuracy and a long range for an entry level price.

We believe this sensor will be a very popular addition to our laser line. If you have any questions, please contact us for specifications and pricing.

Aluminum Furnace

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