Acuity White Light Confocal Medical Scans

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An Acuity medical customer is using the Initial 4.0 model to create a 3D scan of medical samples to measure the change in the surface features. The Initial 4.0 model uses a CL4 MG35 probe that has a standoff of 16 mm with a 4 mm measurement span and a resolution of 130 nanometers and a linearity of +/- 300 nanometers at up to 2,000 samples per second. This technology is able to measure on any target surface including clear and mirror surfaces. This allowed the customer to scan across opaque and transparent targets without errors associated with the target surface.

Click here to see a video showing the cost effective motorized stage built and integrated with one of Acuity's many machine builders. Knowledge of our technology ensures a smooth development of this customer's application.

wasp eyes surface topography

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