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We want to show you something we’re currently making for one of our customers. This company has dump trucks bringing materials into one of their buildings, but when the drivers dump their load, they don’t always remember to lower the dump box back into position before trying to drive out.

After some costly repairs they came to us for help. They asked if our laser sensors could be used to warn the forgetful drivers before they hit the building. We said, “sure we can.”

This is our AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor. It can measure up to 30 meters on natural targets with an accuracy of three millimeters, and has an eye-safe class II laser. It also has a trigger output that can be used to set off an alarm.

If the dump box is down, everything’s fine but if the dump box is up… you get the picture. The same system could easily be used for other situations with a low clearance, such as:

Anywhere where avoiding a miscalculation in height could save thousands of dollars in repairs, and this is just one of the many ways our sensors can be used to make your life easier. To get extra help for this or any other measurement applications you have, please contact our sales team.

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