Brand new video on the AR100 Super Compact Laser Triangulation Sensor Posted in: Updates

We put together a new overview video on our AR100, one of the smallest triangulation lasers in the world.

Its body measures just 45 by 30 by 17 mm. It fits literally in the palm of your hand.

Even with such small dimensions, the AR100 is available with measurement ranges up to a half meter all while maintaining a 0.05% linearity for ranges 250 mm and under and 0.1% linearity for the 500 mm range. You won’t have to trade accuracy for a laser that can fit in a tight space.

The AR100 excels in applications where size and mass budgets are tight. For instance: interior diameter measurements, robotics, or as components of larger machines. But it also works for your typical triangulation laser applications, such as industrial thickness and dimensional measurement.

If you have questions about the AR100 or any of our products, please contact our sales team at or call 503-210-5733. We can help guide you to the measurement solution that will best fit your application.

For more on the AR100 please visit our Super Compact Laser Triangulation Sensor


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