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Laser Distance Sensors Measure Length of Hot Steel Billets

Rangefinders are used in the manufacturing process to make sure glowing yellow/red hot billet lengths are to the correct length dimensions. Non-contact laser measurement is preferred over manual measurement because it is more effective and safer. Laser rangefinders can be remotely installed and offer a safer solution. This reduces the need to rely on employees in protective clothing to use calipers to read the gauge of glowing hot materials.  The rangefinders are able to accurately profile the length of the billet despite the glowing hot temperatures.

Depending on the temperature of the billet at the time of measurement, the AR1000 distance sensor can measure the length of a billet with a temperature as high as 1,200°F to a 2mm accuracy. If the temperature is hotter, the AS2100 can measure the length of a billet with a temperature as high as 2,200°F. Our long distance industrial sensors are built for tough environments with NEMA 4, IP65 or IP67 rated enclosures.


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AR1000 Laser Distance Sensor

The Acuity AR1000 laser distance sensor can measure up to 30 meters on natural targets and up to 150 meters with a retroreflective target with an accuracy of ± 3 mm. This rugged sensor is built for tough, industrial environments and applications such as fill level measurement and material height monitoring.

AS2100 Accurate Distance Sensor

The AS2100 is a highly accurate laser distance sensor that is designed to work well outdoors, in bright lights, and even on difficult targets such as hot or dark surfaces. With the ability to take accurate measurements (± 1 mm) from distances up to 500 meters away, and a measurement frequency of up to 250 Hz, it is the perfect laser for a wide range of applications.

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