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Laser Sensors Used for Aluminum Sheet Length Measurement

Aluminum is often sold in long sheets, sometimes up to 20-30 feet long. The customer expects these sheets to be a specific length. Aluminum manufacturers stack these sheets on a sliding table. Each sheet has one cut end and is pushed up against a large stop or barrier. When the stack gets to be 4-5 feet in height, the operator moves the table carrying the stack to the end to be cut with a large heavy duty band saw positioned above the conveyor.

An Acuity AR700-50 displacement sensor unit is installed at that end to measure the position of the uncut stack end. The operator positions the stack at the location where the band saw will cut the stack to the proper length. Through the combination of the long standoff distance of the AR700-50 sensor and protective enclosure, the laser is protected from hazardous flying hot aluminum debris.

The AR700-50 model has a base distance of ~30 inches and measurement range of 50 inches. With linearity of +/- 0.05%, customers choose this model because of its precision and accuracy at longer ranges so the laser can avoid hazardous flying debris.

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The AR700 laser displacement sensor is Acuity’s top of the line, most precise, laser triangulation sensor. The AR700 series contains models with measurement ranges from 0.125 inches up to 50 inches and resolutions as low as one-sixth of a micron. With sampling speeds up to 9.4kHz and linearity to within 0.03% of the measurement range, the AR700 is a versatile sensor for many challenging applications.

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