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Laser Sensors Are Used in Flux-Core Wire Production

Lasers Measure the Height of Flux in The Wire

A manufacturer of flux-core weld wire uses laser measurement sensors to measure the height of flux in a channeled wire. Multiple AR200 laser measurement sensors are used on the production lines to verify the height of flux in the middle of the channel wire is the correct specified height.

The tiny spot size of the AR200 measurement sensor can focus onto the flux without landing on the walls of the metal wire.

The customer is using a customized version of the AR200 demo software to take multiple AR200 distance readings and display the readings as a graph on a large display. The customer chose the AR200-6 model due to its high accuracy and very small spot size. The AR200-6 is Acuity’s shortest range AR200 model that boasts a linearity down to 12 µm and resolution less than 2 µm. The AR200-6 model has a spot size as small as 35μm in diameter at the middle of its range. This provides insurance that the laser beam is focused strictly on the flux material for optimized height measurement.

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