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Laser Sensors Measure Household Appliances

Lasers Are Often Used for Quality Assurance of The Finish on Household Appliances

Laser scanners provide a robust method to precisely monitor gap position while creating an automated process. Laser scanners are attached to robotic arms, and can scan and measure the gaps between mating surfaces just prior to welding, or as a final QA step.

Acuity 2D laser sensors perfectly meet all requirements for a large range of fit and finish measuring applications, allowing flexible integration even into difficult environments.

A particular benefit, compared to other laser scanner products, is their high stability against interaction with extraneous light. Acuity offers different models of AP820 line scanners that have an X measuring range (field of view) up to 650mm and a Z measuring range (height) up to 1000mm. The resolution in the X axis is 580 pixels, providing precise measurements. Contact Acuity for more information.

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AccuProfile 820 Laser Scanner

The AP820 2D laser scanner series offer a large selection of case sizes, measuring ranges, and diode/accessory options to be used in a wide range of measurement applications. The 2D/3D sensor performs very well on shiny or jagged targets and in environments with high ambient light. The sensor’s auto gain and high dynamic range allow for measurement in complex applications, even edge scanning on sharp targets.

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