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In this video example of laser positioning, we’ve got two AR1000 units pointing in opposite directions. We have them both focused on white targets and they’re within about 20 inches of each other, which is a simple setup mainly due to our inside space requirements. But the AR1000 units have a range to 100 feet with targets of 85% diffuse reflectance, and that can be extended to 500 feet with retroreflective targets.

We have these units both set in thickness measurement mode. In our video demo we start by zeroing out the two lasers by activating the Auto Zero option. Our two distance measurement sensors have now been zeroed onto these two targets, and when we move the target on the left, it immediately shows it’s moved .1 meters. Then as the demo target moves back to where it approximately was, the results return to approximately zero since the location obviously isn’t the exact same.

Now as we move both the targets, we get a positive increase between the two lasers giving us a nice sense of the laser positioning between the two. This type of position measurement is very easy to do in thickness mode on our laser sensor, and as both targets are moved more or less back, we get it pretty close back to where they were within a millimeter or so.

To recap, here’s the choices selected on the touch panel display:

  1. Select the models as AR1000s
  2. Settings > Zero on
  3. Settings > Measurements in meters
  4. Both lasers set to factory default
  5. Rate and Cal standard units
  6. Select mode > Thickness
  7. Run


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