Hydroelectric Facilities Use Laser Rangefinders To Measure Dam Heights

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An important structure to help retain water in many areas throughout the world are dams. These barriers that impound water or underground streams have a simple purpose however, the structural design and architecture associated with dams are far more complex. It requires careful calculation to ensure that a dam is going to serve its function safely and efficiently. Whether it is to retain water, help generate electricity, or collect water for storage, laser rangefinders are often used to measure dam heights.

Acuity’s long-distance rangefinders are a better choice when compared to many other sensors because they do not wear over time or require installation in potentially harsh elements. Instead, these rangefinders can be installed remotely in a control cabin, away from the direct contact to sunlight or corrosion.

Not only are the long-distance rangefinders a great choice for dam height measurement, but there are many other applications for height and position measurement including:

Elevator position

Human height

Concrete block height

If you would like to learn more about height measurement of dams or any other applications of height measurement with laser sensors from Acuity Laser, please contact us today.

Dam Measurement

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