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Foundation Pile Set Measurements

A new manufacturer of foundation testing equipment developed the PileTrac Pile Set Monitor (PSM). The system improves the process for collecting and reporting pile set measurements during pile driving. Pile set is used to confirm pile driving requirements and for input into signal matching programs for prediction of static pile capacity.

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Distance sensor measures sag of web material to control take-up speed

A global manufacturer of fibreglass-based asphalt roofing shingles requested a demonstration of the AR1000 laser distance sensor to improve the performance of their production lines.  The roofing shingle product is a laminated material produced in a continuous process where long stretches of material are draped between rollers while the material cures and is advanced towards automatic cutting stations.

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Propeller Blade Profiling using Laser Sensors

A major North American propeller manufacturer and service company selected a long-range triangulation sensor to measure the profile of its propellers and controllable tip blades during the manufacturing process.  Non-contact measuring, like that afforded by laser sensors, is desirable in propeller manufacturing because the fixed measuring device can be installed with a large standoff away from bulky and/or moving parts.

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Sensors measure compression of Bamboo at India Institute of Technology at Delhi

A recent journey to India brings us a novel application for a laser distance sensor.  Even in a part of the world that tends to value the manual efforts of its laborforce, there is a strong recognition for precision, non-contact measurements afforded by the latest in sensor technology.

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