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Overhead Crane Position Measurement

Bridge Cranes Integrate Laser Distance Sensors at Steel Mills

Steel mills producing large coils of sheet stock store their inventory on the floors of huge warehouses.  The large, heavy coils are picked and placed using overhead cranes, often referred to as bridge cranes.  These cranes ride the length of the building along two, parallel rails.  A hoist moves on the trolley and lowers a hook or other mechanical grabber to move objects.  Operators control the crane’s movement via an overhead control cabin or by remote-control from on manufacturing floor.

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Wing Displacement Measurement Tests

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial aircraft built from lightweight composite materials.  Like aluminum structure wings during their development, the composite wings undergo rigorous test.  Among those tests, is the "wing up-bend test" which test the mechanical integrity the wing when being displaced upwards.

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Foundation Pile Set Measurements

A new manufacturer of foundation testing equipment developed the PileTrac Pile Set Monitor (PSM). The system improves the process for collecting and reporting pile set measurements during pile driving. Pile set is used to confirm pile driving requirements and for input into signal matching programs for prediction of static pile capacity.

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Sensors measure compression of Bamboo at India Institute of Technology at Delhi

A recent journey to India brings us a novel application for a laser distance sensor.  Even in a part of the world that tends to value the manual efforts of its laborforce, there is a strong recognition for precision, non-contact measurements afforded by the latest in sensor technology.

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